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Ensemble Mutatis

Chamber Orchestra

Ensemble Mutatis

Mutatis, the highly acclaimed Danish ensemble, consists of ten professional musicians, established in leading positions in the great Danish and Swedish symphony and opera orchestras. Ensemble Mutatis are renowned for their highly engaging style of playing, their wide repertoire and open approach to music and the presentation thereof.

The ensemble took the name “Mutatis” from the latin ‘mutare,’ meaning ‘to change,’ in order to illustrate the ensemble’s great flexibility and versatility.


Comprised of a string quintet and a wind quintet, Ensemble Mutatis is able to present classical music’s broad wealth of chamber music, spanning from the mid-1700s all the way to today.

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This flexibility allows the concert promotor to request and build a program with everything from solo instrumental pieces to large-scale works including octets, nonets, and decets.

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